Attendance Policy


Students are expected to attend 100% of the time. They may only miss if they are sick. A doctor’s note must be presented upon return of the student. Only 6 unexcused absences are allowed per term. Sanctions: More than 6 unexcused absences- they cannot take the end-of-term exam. Awards: Students with perfect attendance for the term will receive a certificate and award.


It is important for students to be in class on time consistently. Lateness wastes everyone’s time, interrupts and distracts other learners, and shows disrespect for oneself (loss of learning, bad reputation) and others (their time is just as important). Sanctions: 1. 1st time late: Students will wait in the reflection room or waiting room until the next lesson. They will not enter lessons late. They will be counted as absent for that lesson. A message will be sent to the parent. 2. 2nd time late: same as 1 and also miss PE 3. 3rd time late- students will be sent home. 


If a student has a doctor’s appointment, please inform the school beforehand. If a student must leave early for the doctor’s appointment, the parent must sign the early dismissal book at reception. Then, an early dismissal slip will be issued. A staff member will go to get the child. Give the early dismissal slip to the gateman before leaving

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