Behavior Policy

Student Behavior

Policy & Procedures

AY 2021-22


  • Vision & Mission; Our Values
  • Purpose of the behavior plan
  • School Rules (The 4 Bees), Class Rules,8 Keys to Success
  • Responsibilities & Rights
  • Parent Communication
  • Rules & Consequences
  • Permanent Exclusion (Expulsion)
  • Classroom Management & Behavior
  • Teaching Methodology & Behavior
  • Supporting Students who need help
  • Positive Behavior Awards
  • Contacts
  • Parent/student signature page

Our Vision

To provide quality education in a nurturing environment so that students develop to their full potential and become responsible, respectful global citizens who contribute positively to society.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an adaptive and challenging internationally based education that nurtures a love of learning in a multicultural setting. We aim to foster the academic, social, physical and personal development of each student.
Our overall goal is to position International British School to become the leading private school brand in the whole of Qatar, and also to be amongst the top 5 International Schools in the Middle East within the next 5 years of operations.

Our Values

Students as Learners:

  • Love learning new concepts
  • Can learn independently
  • Engage and participate in cooperative learning
  • Work to the best of his/her ability
  • Self-evaluate own work to identify areas of competence and areas needing improvement
  • Can identify and solve problems using a variety of techniques
  • Are lifelong learners
  • Students as Global Citizens
  • Acceptance (of race, religion, personal differences, cultures)
  • Are ready to help others when needed
  • Are aware of global social and environmental issues and seek to address these issues positively
  • Identify ways and means they contribute to their community
  • Work to a standard they can be proud of
  • Our Learners Are:
  • Kind
  • Respectful
  • Responsible
  • Safe
  • Persevere
  • Helpful
  • Creative
  • Balanced
  • Fair

Purpose of the behavior plan

Students are still developing their personalities, bodies, beliefs, goals, and skills. They need support, knowledge, guidance, and correction. It is this guidance and correction that is addressed in this behavior plan, so that students are better able to achieve success in school and in life. While we will do our utmost to encourage students in a positive way, sometimes persistent negative behaviors need stronger consequences. The safety and learning of all must be considered above the individual. We must minimize the disruption and hazards for students and staff so that meaningful learning occurs throughout the school. We need and appreciate the cooperation from all parties. The process of learning good behavior and accountability can be upsetting when following through on each of the steps but will result in better behavior and an improved moral character that you can be proud of.

Maintaining discipline throughout the day is vital to learning and respect. Many values need to be taught such as respect for others, for property, and for oneself.Respect of others includes being on time, using good words and listening to others.Respect for property includes keeping things tidy, not taking what doesn’t belong to you, and not damaging anything.

Respect for oneself includes dressing appropriately, keeping clean, taking care of one’s health and not denigrating oneself (putting yourself down or talking bad about yourself ).Students must be taught what respect means in practical terms.

KG discipline centers around re-direction and possibly 2 minute time-outs when warranted. A concerted effort will be used to use positive language when correcting, “do this” instead of “no”, with the idea of replacing negative behavior with more constructive behavior.

Students must learn the school rules, class rules, and (1-9)the 8 keys along with evaluating moral values such as fairness, honesty etc. Each class must post the Class Rules and Consequences both positive and negative.

8 Keys to Success

  • Balance: Make chart of time spent in school, studying, recreation/exercise, religion/relaxation, sleeping etc. (Think mind, body, soul; social, intellectual, physical, mental health etc) Set goal to improve balance if needed.
  • Commitment : Are you committed to doing your homework? Reading 10 Minutes a day? Using your neatest writing? Why might these be important? How can you motivate yourself to keep commitments? Do you keep your word if you tell someone that you will do something? When you sign up for an activity do you attend regularly? Keep your commitments! Why?
  • Flexibility : Brainstorm ways around a problem. Try something new. Despite your plans, life happens! Be open to change.
  • Honesty : Did you lie this week? Did you mislead by omitting facts? Tell what happened and why you did it. Brainstorm ways to avoid doing this again. How will others view you if you lie? A damaged reputation goes with you. See hadith regarding lying, slander.
  • Ownership : Did you get into a fight or argument? Did you blame only the other person? (It takes 2)What part did you contribute? Did you not do your homework? Did you blame it on someone or something else? How can you change your reaction to avoid or deal with conflict more effectively?
  • This is It : Stay focused. Are you distracted? How do you stay on task? If this is difficult for you, brainstorm strategies to keep on task. “Anything worth doing, is worth doing well.”
  • Speak with good purpose : “If you can’t say something good, don’t say anything.” Don’t tattle-tale unless someone is in danger or in a dangerous situation or is being bullied. Don’t spread stories about people if it will embarrass them or hurt their feelings. (Islamic hadith on backbiting, slander).
  • Perseverance : Cite examples of famous people failing. Why are you afraid of failing? Break a task down into smaller tasks. Try, try, try again. Have you ever failed to do something which you later learned how? It’s ok to fail if we keep trying and learn from our failures.

Responsibilities & Rights

Students Responsibilities

  • To follow all rules
  • To follow instructions given by school staff (including support staff)
  • To work to the best of your ability
  • To come prepared ready to work, with all implements needed
  • To complete all homework
  • To read regularly at home
  • To be respectful at all times
  • To express opinions in a respectful manner
  • To respect people, including yourself, property
  • To attend regularly all classes
  • To participate/attend all events

Students Rights

  • To be heard-your opinion matters
  • To ask for help and receive help (except in exams and assessments), whether personal, social or academic
  • To be safe
  • To be encouraged
  • To be in class to learn
  • To be treated fairly
  • To be treated respectfully
  • To receive homework that practices a concept or revises the lesson
  • To have work marked

Parents/Guardians Responsibilities

  • To ensure your children arrive and leave on time
  • To ensure your children have basic needs met: sleep, food, hygiene, clothes
  • To ensure your child comes in correct uniform
  • To ensure your child comes with the correct books, implements
  • To ensure your child is completing his/her homework
  • To ensure your child has a snack or money for the canteen
  • To attend all required meetings or re-arrange for meeting
  • To check and sign communication book
  • To respond to queries regarding your child
  • To notify the school in advance, if he/she will have a doctor’s appointment
  • To give medical leave note when child returns to school
  • To complete all paperwork required for admissions and continuing admission
  • To give payments on time
  • To attend school events

Parents/Guardians Rights

  • To have regular updates on the progress of your child behaviorally and academically
  • To have easy access to communicate with your child’s teachers
  • To have copies of the class timetable and names of the teachers for each subject
  • To have copies of the behavior plan and access to policies, rules & regulations
  • To address concerns to the appropriate staff member and have timely information/follow up
  • To assist in making plans for your child’s improvement
  • To share your opinions/ideas for the development of the school and its programmes

Parent Communication

Each student has a communication book. Please check and sign it daily. You may also write back to the teacher.We will also utilize a school email system. Details will be sent on how to access your account.We will be implementing Class Dojo to improve communication with parents.Phone calls and messaging are also utilized. You can let the class teacher know which is your preferred method of communication.Weekly News is sent listing topics to be taught for the week and basic homework expected. In addition, other periodic homework may be sent and written in the communication book.Reports are given 6 times per year: a shortened mid-term report (academic & behavior) and a more detailed end-of-term report (3 terms).You may request an appointment with any of your child’s teachers. Teachers may also request an appointment with you.Periodic general parent meetings will be conducted as well as, PTA meetings, and parent-teacher conferences after reports are given. If you are interested in joining the PTA, please let the administration know- leave your name and contact number. We welcome your suggestions for the betterment of our school.

Rules & Consequences

School Timings

Students must be at the school by 7:00 AM. Primary & secondary school finishes at 1:30 PM. (kg 11:45)They must be on time and not leave early. Students are to be walked to the school gate in the mornings and picked up at the assembly area after school. Students are not to go out the gate without an adult. This is a safety issue – we don’t want them to be hit by a car. Students must be picked up before 2:30 PM. Teachers are scheduled to leave at 2.30 PM. Gates will be locked from 7:10-1:30. Only the administrative gate will be opened for parents needing the administration. (KG gate will be opened only for kg students at 11:45, not their older brothers and sisters.) Parents, drivers and maids are not allowed in classrooms during school hours without an appointment.Gate 3: Boys Gate 6: KG & Girls Gate 10: Visitors Gate 5: Buses Sanctions: After 2:30 a fee of QR 100 will be charged. (Teachers leave at 2:30) Policy: Leaving early for doctor’s appointment If a student has a doctor’s appointment, please inform the school beforehand. If a student must leave early for the doctor’s appointment, the parent must sign the early dismissal book at reception. Then, an early dismissal slip will be issued. A staff member will go to get the child. Give the early dismissal slip to the gateman before leaving


Students are expected to attend 100% of the time. They may only miss if they are sick. A doctor’s note must be presented upon return of the student. Only 6 unexcused absences are allowed per term. Sanctions: More than 6 unexcused absences- they cannot take the end-of-term exam. Awards: Students with perfect attendance for the term will receive a certificate and award.


It is important for students to be in class on time consistently. Lateness wastes everyone’s time, interrupts and distracts other learners, and shows disrespect for oneself (loss of learning, bad reputation) and others (their time is just as important).

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