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Happy New Year and Welcome Back !
As we embark on 2021, please take time to reflect on your student`s school experience so far. The New Year provides an opportunity to re-focus on what has been achieved and what still needs to be accomplished. With this in mind please make sure that you are aware of the dates and times of your child`s exams to ensure that your child is sufficiently preparing.

We have many exciting things in store for you this year. We have new academic standards in reading and math, many new faces around the building. You will hear the teachers mentioning the Common Core Standards These are new learning standards that have been adopted by our school. They emphasize more high level thinking, and also require the children to do more writing in all subject areas. We are purchasing a new student science book for KS-2 grades that is aligned to the new standards. Please make sure that you review the monthly calendar as there are many important dates throughout the month that you should be aware of. A few of these important dates are: the annual sports day, school fair and term exams.

Vision 2021 launched this year, is to ensure that each student who entering our doors shall leave with abundant respect for self and others and the capability to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Our Mission is to work together and to create a student centered environment that fosters healthy living, lifelong learning and responsible citizenship. The School teachers and staff are regularly engaged in professional development activities that focus on these “effective school” attributes. We also value the partnership with our parent community that is so vital in school improvement.

As always, we feel that effective communication between school personnel and families is a critical component for fostering successful academic performance. Any time you have questions or concerns, you can call or you can e-mail our teachers, counselors, or administrators.

Dr. Shamila Ahmed

Dr. Shamila Ahmed
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