Managing Director`s Message

Hello and welcome to International British School.
I hope that you will find the contents of this website as interesting, exciting and refreshing as the reality of my daily experience as the Director of International British School.

IBS has truly grown in so many different ways. I am proud of our accomplishments thus far and am excited to face the changes and challenges that the future is sure to bring. In our Endeavour to move forward, we are constantly striving to improve ourselves. Seeking modern, innovative approaches to education is the best way to cherish and honor our past accomplishments and celebrate our history..

IBS is unique in its commitment to continuing our assessment and understanding beyond the initial plan or curriculum. As each person learns and grows, the system responds to support, challenge, and facilitate ever-increasing potential and independence. The essential elements to delivering this commitment include not only instructional methodology but also an important shift in the process and glaze of education at every level of the school organization.

Highly developed relationships allow for intimate understanding of each IBS student. The meaningful comprehension of the learner is essential to the design of an individualized education plan and program. The response of the student to the educational process is often dynamic and singular.

The process of understanding begins by us getting to know each other. We look forward to that opportunity and hope that this site helps you begin to get to know us.


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